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Barcelona, Cloud Managers events city?

Vmworld Europe, Openstack Summit, Opennebula World Conference,… estos próximos meses se presentan “completitos”, damos un repaso para quién le interese los temas relacionados con la gestión de plataformas Cloud en sus diferentes sabores y colores.
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17th20th October 2016 – Empezamos por la opción más Enterprise con una nueva edición de la Vmworld Europe.  (Fira de Barcelona – Gran Via2) 
Most relevant topics – including Unified Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Management and Services, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Business Mobility and Network Virtualization – as part of the preeminent cloud infrastructure and business mobility technology event.
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24th26th October 2016 – Seguimos con Opennebula, una de las plataformas abiertas de gestión de infraestructuras cloud desarrollada para la empresa y conducida por una comunidad bajo un proyecto 100% código abierto.  (Hotel Barcelona Sants)
OpenNebula is the open-source platform of choice in the converged data centre, providing a simple, flexible and powerful, cloud manager that supports traditional IT features and the dynamic provisioning of modern enterprise cloud. With thousands of deployments, OpenNebula has a very wide user base that includes leading companies in banking, technology, telecom and hosting, and research.
OpenNebula Conferences are education events that serve as a meeting point of cloud users, developers, administrators, integrators and researchers, featuring talks with experiences and use cases. They also include tutorials, lightning talks, and hacking sessions that provide an opportunity to discuss burning ideas, and meet face to face to discuss development.
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25th28th October 2016 – Y acabamos con Openstack, plataforma abierta de gestión de infraestructuras Cloud de referencia en la industria con interesantes aplicaciones en el campo de la Internet de la Cosas [IOT], etc. (Centre de Convencions Internatcional de Barcelona – CCIB)
The OpenStack Summit is the most important gathering of IT leaders, telcom operators, cloud administrators, app developers and OpenStack contributors building the future of cloud computing. Hear business cases and operational experience directly from users, learn about new products in the ecosystem and participate in hands-on workshops to build your skills. Attended by thousands of people from more than 50 countries, it’s the ideal venue to plan your cloud strategy and share knowledge about architecting and operating OpenStack clouds.
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